Our Masters

Gergely Juhász (4.dan)


My name is Gergely Juhász. I started to practise aikido in my hometown, Balassagyarmat when I was a high school student, under Tamás Vári sensei in 1999.

During my studies at the University of Pécs (I graduated in political sciences M.A.). I visited aikido trainings in different locations all around the country (Pécs, Vác, Budapest, Balassagyarmat) and abroad (I lived in Bristol,UK for 8 months in 2005).

I graded to Shodan (First degree black belt)in 2005 by Manabu Masuda sensei and to Nidan (2nd. degree black belt) in 2007 by Hiroaki Kobayashi sensei.

In 2011 I graded to Sandan (3rd dan) by Koyanagi Shunichiro sensei at the Hungarian Kobayashi Dojos Federation Easter Aikido Camp in Kecskemét.

In 2015 i was awarded Yondan (4th dan) by Kobayashi Yasuo shoshihan after I did my test successfully.

I live and work in Budapest so these days I’m training here as well under Balázs Szabó, Zsolt Szeltner and Tamás Vári senseis.

In my dojo (Training hall; gymnasium. Lit. , “place where aikido is practiced.”) besides to practise aikido techniques it is very important to create a friendly atmosphere where everyone welcomed and part of a community wich care of each other.

Our organization is affiliated with the Hungarian Kobayashi Dojos Federation.

Assistant instructors

Zsuzsa Zilahy (2. dan) 



Károly Fábián(3. DAN)



Péter Ujvölgyi (3. DAN)



László Zsigó (1. kyu)


Tamás Szép-Czakó (1. dan)